Startup Pitch Deck — The “Competition” slide

Don’t think in terms of “Features that we have but they don’t”

The uninspired way to structure this slide is as a table presenting the leading competitors and what they presume to be their competitive advantage, which is mostly the features that their products lack compared with your startup’s product.

  1. the sum of features equates the product,
  2. the more features, the better the product, and
  3. adding features is a sustainable strategy to differentiate from the competition.

Don’t come up with any irrelevant axis

Another wrong way to map the competition is by employing irrelevant OX-OY axis.

Do think in terms of “That’s what sets us apart”

Investors need confirmation that founders know their stuff. The Competition slide should prove that founders are self-aware, mindful of what sets them apart from the rest of the crowd, intimate with the trends, and aiming at a strategic position within their industry. It should prove vision — and you can’t fake vision.



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