Super-Value Propositions

Photo by Jack O’Rourke on Unsplash

Definitions of terms

At EGV, we believe in Focus and Intensity. Focus is when you do one single thing. Intensity is when you do it sixteen hours a day.

(Perspective & Clarity + Focus & Intensity) * Capital = Escape velocity

In other words:

(Value proposition + Speed of execution) * Money = Venture returns

Enter Super-Value props

Value propositions come in many varieties. The good ones are like a punch in the face. Well-executed and well-funded, they are capable of seizable venture returns. The bad ones are soft, unconvincing, and hesitant. No efforts and no money can turn them into winners.

  • All vegetables should be free of charge for all people
  • Any message sent on any channel should reach their destination on any other channel (SMS to e-mail to chat to voice to…)
  • Ships/ drones/ cars should have unlimited autonomy
  • Blockchains should be light as air itself, with nodes capable of running on very-low power devices
  • Any translation should be deep-translation (text, voice, video — one person speaking in her voice and her appearance in any language on any channel)



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