Super-Value Propositions

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Definitions of terms

(Perspective & Clarity + Focus & Intensity) * Capital = Escape velocity

(Value proposition + Speed of execution) * Money = Venture returns

Enter Super-Value props

  • All vegetables should be free of charge for all people
  • Any message sent on any channel should reach their destination on any other channel (SMS to e-mail to chat to voice to…)
  • Ships/ drones/ cars should have unlimited autonomy
  • Blockchains should be light as air itself, with nodes capable of running on very-low power devices
  • Any translation should be deep-translation (text, voice, video — one person speaking in her voice and her appearance in any language on any channel)

Blogging about Startups and Venture Capital

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Cristian Munteanu

Cristian Munteanu

Blogging about Startups and Venture Capital

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