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Why we invested in Questo

Travel-dedicated digital distribution service

Everything is a story: the history of the world, the news on TV, the jokes we laugh at, the memories we have. Our life is a story and any trip just as well. The human mind needs stories to make sense of everything around. It’s the way we function, and it’s woven deep inside us to turn chaos into a narrative.

Questo productizes stories and sells them to travelers through a mobile app. The resulting quests, or city exploration games, help travelers discover cities and sites by themselves, without the need of a local guide.

Our fund saw in Questo a rare example of gamification that actually works. In founders’ words: “Cities are the world’s best playgrounds, but for some reason, most of us are playing indoors. With Questo, we are on a mission to change this by working with tour operators and local storytellers worldwide, who are designing their own quests, each with a unique theme. Imagine exploring London as Sherlock Holmes, Paris as Picasso or Zurich as Einstein.”

The solution is scalable as Questo integrates with any travel platform and distributes its community-generated content to many. The startup is present in 70 cities in the world as of today and will be available in 100 cities by the end of the year.

On top of this, the solution is perfectly adapted to the post-pandemic world, with technology replacing in-person guides in a safe and upgraded way.

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